Maraki is a growing Ethiopian company producing and exporting exquisite handmade Ethiopian textiles such as scarves and gabis. It employs traditional weaving craftsmanship and locally sourced cotton in order to create a wide range of designs, varying from traditional to very modern textures, patterns, shapes and colour combinations.
Maraki is giving local artisans the chance to promote high-quality Ethiopian handmade textiles to international markets. We take pride in our culture and we want to show the beauty and the flexibility of Ethiopian craftsmanship which can explore its boundaries of creativity without loosing its essence. Our production is ethically conscious. We create employment focusing on local artisans and we ensure fair pay for their work. We aim for fairly traded products and we use locally produced cotton.

A selection of our products

A value based business

Finest handmade scarves and gabis from Ethiopian cotton, 

crafted by local artisans, fairly payed labour.

Over 16 beautiful scarves designs to choose from
providing work for more than 34 
gifted artisans 
with a payment of +50% over industry standards
selling to more than 2 international companies


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