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Being a small company, Maraki has the advantage of flexibility when it comes to design. We are offering our brands and wholesalers the possibility to produce in Addis Ababa custom-designed high quality scarves, bath towels and gabis in relatively small quantities.

From design to product

weaver working on a loom


Mekdi will consult with the weavers explaining the custom-designs in order to estimate the time of production, the quantity of materials and the amount of dye.


We buy our locally-sourced cotton only from the local markets in different qualities ranging from natural off-white cotton to bright white and from very thin threads for summer scarves to thick threads for gabis and winter scarves.

weaver spinning threads


Our high quality reactive dye colours are provided and certified by Bezema Group. Bezema is a foundation-owned European / Swiss company committed to fair human-resources management and aiming to provide sustainable and innovative solutions for highest quality products. Textile experts have provided the weavers with training for the dyeing process.


In order to prepare the thickness of the threads and of the textiles, sometimes the cotton threads have to be spun.


In Ethiopia, hand weaving is one of the oldest and most important traditions. It consists of interlacing longitudinal threads (warp), which are strung vertically through a loom, with horizontal threads (weft) at right angles. Most handlooms are only 70–90 cm (27.6–35.4 in) wide so that both edges of the warp are within arm's reach. In order to produce larger samples of textile, weavers will often sew together multiple panels of cloth.


The finishing will consist of cutting and twisting the fringes of the scarves and the sewing together the pieces of gabis. Mekdi will personally coordinate with the weavers and ensure that the products are of highest quality. The scarves, bath towles and gabis will then be ironed and prepared for export.

weaver working on a handloom


Our production partners are The Former Women Fuel Wood Carrier Association and CHT Bezema. Maraki is paying The Former Women Fuel Wood Carrier Association fairly. They assign work in order to employ as many artisan members as possible and they redistribute the profits and payments within the association, ensuring that women who are sick or too old to work also receive a regular income. The members who bring more work receive a bonus at the end of the month, after the distribution of the basic equal income to all members.

If you want to learn more about our craftsmanship, the artisans or the weaver group, just contact us
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