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Maraki (ማራኪ Amharic word for “attractive”) stands for beautiful handwoven Ethiopian textiles produced by Ethiopian artisans from locally sourced cotton.
Maraki is one of the few companies in Ethiopia which are combining outstanding design with high product quality. Founded in 2016, it is empowering local craftsmanship and showcasing the beauty of Ethiopian traditional weaving on international markets.
We believe Ethiopian craftsmanship can explore its boundaries of creativity and produce modern designs without loosing its essence. Being a small company, Maraki has the advantage of flexibility. We are offering our partners the possibility to produce custom-designed high quality scarves and gabis in relatively small quantities.
Getting there
Our head office is conveniently located in Addis Ababa, Bole near Edna Mall. For inquiries, orders and collaborations contact us:
office number: 00 251 911 340 702

Meet Mekdi

portrait iage of Mekdi general manager of maraki
Mekdi is our founder and general manager. She is responsible for effective planning, communication, coordination of the textile production, quality control and export formalities.
By her full name Mekdelawit Tsegaye Abreham, Mekdi is a successful 30 years old Ethiopian business woman. She has a BA in Marketing Management and she has recently finished an MBA in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. Mekdi established and ran her own beauty salon in Addis Ababa. Since 2015 she has worked as Marketing and Business Advisor for various companies. One year after becoming mother of her daughter Maraki (ማራኪ), Mekdi has founded Maraki in 2016 with the purpose of empowering local Ethiopian artisans and promote the beauty of Ethiopian textiles worldwide.
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